Swiftly pick up any component and replace others with it.
Toggle whether ruby console should be open on start. Opens before most other other script runs.
Copies entities from one component and paste it in the corresponding position of other components.
When cuts that aren't flat are desired the model can be manually divided into groups representing each side of the cuts. This script helps putting the cut geometry on its own layer so it can be hidden when the model as a whole is shown.
Move all vertices inside selected group/component by letting the old X represent a radius and old Y an angle. Useful for creating spiral shapes.
Purges Dynamic Components of their dynamicness and turns them into nice regular components.
Rename selected components to have the lowest possible number. E.g. MyComponent#14-> MyComponent#2.
Make selected instances and all their children unique. Useful e.g. to keep a backup component as reference within the same model.
Removes all dimensions in current drawing context and its contained groups and components similarly to native Edit > Delete Guides.
Toggle whether edges should break or not when drawn edge intersect another edge.