Library of shared functions used by other extensions.

This is not an extension that does anything by itself. It's a library of shared functions used by a variety of other extensions.


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merhabahello thom,
I want to install the quad face plugin, but I get the error 'install TT_lib'. I do not have a quad face plugin though I am loading. I'm using Su2017. Can you help?

ThomThom's picture

Install both QuadFace Tools and TT_Lib, then restart SketchUp.

Hey Thom, how can I remove this extension? I am having trouble with is since I cant see it anywhere in menus or extensions list , but everyime I start SU it gives me error and I wanna remove it. Help please

ThomThom's picture

If you are using SU2017 you can look for it in Extension Manager. Under the Manage tab you can uninstall extensions. If the error you are seeing prevents it from appearing there then you have to manually remove the files from the Plugins folder. (

Btw, what does the error say? What version of SketchUp are you using? (Win or mac?)

Bjorn B's picture

Help guys! I got a notification that TT_Lib2 needed to be updated, so I did.
Unfortunately the Install process crashes Sketchup everytime, and now I can't use a few tools anymore! What's going on? Is it possible to restore the previous version of TT_Lib2 somehow?

I'm helpless without your great extensions :)

ThomThom's picture

Hm... can you start a thread in the Extensions part for the SketchUp forums?
(It's a lot easier to follow up there - since we can share files and images etc.)

Bjorn B's picture

Actually I figured out a way. When I download your plugin as a file and install it manually, it installes without problems. Installing straight from the Warehouse caused Sketchup to crash. Or... after waiting for a very long time, giving the message : Could not install for an unknown reason.

I'm very glad it worked, your extension are really great!

I have the same! How do you manually install the plugin?
I can't use sketchup right now and I kinda really need it to work haha. So please help!

Bjorn B's picture

Hey Maisha /David,

You can 'manually' install any extension file via Extension Manager, Install

I would like to know this as well. What directory(s) do the files go in? I have to manually install plugins however this one doesn't seem to work.


Giorgio Azevedo A's picture

Hello, when I try to download, it gives this error: The requested page "/ en / us / login? Destination = content / tt_lib²" could not be found.

ThomThom's picture

Do you see that when downloading from the browser? Or from within a version of SketchUp? (If so, what version?)

didn't work on sketchup 2014 nor 2015 with me

basically when i installed the extension , nothing happened

correct me if i'm not wrong , plugin tab should have appeared and have some options on it but that didn't happen


when i tried to install one of the other CookieWare products , it said ( i must install tt_lib 2.10 ... (to be honest i don't remeber which extention i tried but i have tried a lot since yesterday on sketchup 2014 and sketch up 2015 , even manual installation )

ThomThom's picture

TT_Lib isn't an extension that do anything by itself. It's a support library to my other extensions. When installing ttlib there is no menu or toolbar, for that you need to install any of my other extensions.

when i tried to install one of the other CookieWare products , it said ( i must install tt_lib 2.10 ... (to be honest i don't remeber which extention i tried but i have tried a lot since yesterday on sketchup 2014 and sketch up 2015 , even manual installation )

ThomThom's picture

TT_Lib is compatible with all the way back to SU6. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "didn't work"?

Cross Surveys L.'s picture

Love your work ThomThom, thank you.

Леонид Д.'s picture


After installation TT_Lib2 (2.10.9); November 25, 2016 SU gives a message: "TT_Lib2 apper to be incorrectly installed. Please remove TT_Lib2 and then install it again. If this error message persist, contant the autor for assistance. Unexpected files found: face.rb "

Tell me, what do I do?
SU Pro version 8.0.14346
HP ENVY processor intel core i7 3.60 ghz
memory 32 gb ddr3 1600 mhm
windows 8.1 Enterprise (64-bit)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745

ThomThom's picture

Have you tried removing TT_Lib completely and reinstalling?

Леонид Д.'s picture

Thanks, I deleted the old version and installed the new! =)

lars h's picture

I have ttlib2 installed, and quad face does not show the little identifying labels when I hove over the toolbar,,any idea what could cause this??

ThomThom's picture

What version of SketchUp are you using and what OS?

lars h's picture

Hi there below are my specs
thanks much
osx el capitan
version 10.11.6

macbook pro retina mid 2014
processor 2.5 ghz intel core i7
memory 16 gb 1600 mhm ddr3
startup disk macintosh HD
graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT750m 2048 MB

Sketchup Pro version 16.0.19913

ThomThom's picture

Hm.. I'm not sure it would fix it, but I'd start by updating your SU2016 to the latest maintenance release (16.1)

I have been looking something to help me erase face lines resulted from immporting dwg's. Thank you so so much, it works like a charm! You're a superstar!

Kevin M's picture

Have loved the libfredo suite of extensions ever since i started using sketchup way back in version 7 or something - keep up the good work man

how can i install TT_Lib²?

ThomThom's picture

Like any other extension. If you've never installed extensions before, take a look at the SketchUp Help center:


Thaks. ThomThom. yu All thebest...

Omri Ron's picture

hello @thomthom
i really like all your extensions!

just updated the tt_lib to latset version
and unfortunately get error messages while sketchup start...

ThomThom's picture

Sorry about that. That's a regression in 2.10.7. I just pushed 2.10.8 - can you try that one please?

Omri Ron's picture

i'll let u know soon

Omri Ron's picture

hey TT
now it's working!

tnx for the quick response.

Joevdian G's picture

i can't instal cleanup3, i use skcp 2016 mac os x

ThomThom's picture

Can you provide more information? What is happening? What are the steps you perform? Any error messages?

mamoune B.'s picture


Please i need some help, i just downloaded TT LIB.rbz on sketchup ( SU 15.2.685.64 bits ) but i can't find it when i load sketchup. Any help ?

Thanks !

ThomThom's picture

TT_Lib isn't a standalone extension - it's a support library that my other extensions use. It have no user facing features.

mamoune B.'s picture

Thanks for aswering ! but how can i install cleanup for example ?

ThomThom's picture

To use CleanUp you need to install TT_Lib2 first, then install CleanUp. CleanUp should then appear user your Extensions/Plugins menu.

mamoune B.'s picture

Ok normaly tt lib is installed right now because I can find it in preference system> extentions but please how can I install cleanup ?

ThomThom's picture

Like you did for TT_Lib. Search for CleanUp on Extension warehouse and use the Install button. If you download the RBZ then install it via Preferences > Extensions.