Parametric quad-based subdivisions for SketchUp.

SUbD is a parametric subdivision extension for SketchUp optimized for quad-based workflows.

Use free tools such as QuadFace Tools to create meshes with quad-topology and subdivide and crease with SUbD.

Visit the website for more details, examples, videos and manual. More example on the Facebook page.

Visit the SUbD forum on SketchUcation for example models and great cumminity assistance.

SUbD costs $40 - you can try it out for 30 days.


kubilayyalcinde's picture

this plugin free or not ?

hey plugin is not working properly. I select things but when i try to smooth it doesnt do anything... is there a solution for this?

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Hi. What thing do you have selected? Note that SUbD operates only on groups or component instances. (

Btw, it's better to use the support forums for questions on usage;
The comment section here isn't checked that often. At the forums there's also a lot of active users that often replies faster than what I can.

Hello, I just bought the license but the key license has not arrived to my hotmail email, how could this problem be solved?

ThomThom's picture

Hi Jose

Have a look at this link on how to ensure emails are white-listed. (Also check your spam folder.)
One change from that link, also add and to Safe Senders.

If you still don't see your email open a support ticket from the SUbD website.


Hello, I still have the same problem and verify that I have not received the message with the product license.

Send a message SUB D support

, I just bought my SUB D license, but I did not receive the product key in my email, I received a message with the receipt of the product, but not the message of the license where the key is to activate Subd.

ThomThom's picture

Did you check the spam folder? Did you try to white-list the domains I mentioned, using the instruction from the FAQ link?
Alternatively I can assign the orders to an alternate email. Open a support ticket from the SUbD website for follow-ups:

hey man. i wanted to send you a message but couldn't find any way to do that. so just decided it's easier to leave an unrelated comment.
i wanted to ask you if it's possible to write a plugin for sketchup to do what gumball does is in rhino. if you are not a rhino user, gumball is basically a move and scale tool that makes everything so much easier.
thank you :)

ThomThom's picture

Hi. Yes, I've used Rhino - so I know what you are talking about. I have something like that in Vertex Tools:

I've been entertaining the idea of extracting that into a separate extension. But I need to improve it first.

AC's picture

Hi, I'm using SU2017 and there is an upgrade but when I press the Update button on the Extension Manager I see this error:

<< Failed to update SubD. Unable to read the extension archive >>

What can I do? Thanks

ThomThom's picture

I got some instructions from the EW team, can you try this?

1. Logout of SketchUp and log out of the EWH in Chrome.
2. Delete the cache for Chromium.
3. Open SketchUp and login to the EWH and update the extensions.

Ybi-Skp's picture

Hello AC, 

Can you try to delete the extension from C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\Plugins, and try to install the extension again? Please delete the .rb file and the folder for the extension. 




How do I install this plugin after I download it?

I have installed the plugin, but an error report has been used. I don't know why

ThomThom's picture


Can you open a ticket via the Help form please?

Include your SketchUp version, your OS and what you were doing when you got the error.


Γιαννης Ε's picture

hello Thom. I ve already purchased the vertex tool, now how do I get the 30% discount on subd? Thank you in advance

ThomThom's picture

Hi. You find your discount from this page:
Just enter the email you used to order any product and you'll get discount codes you can use.

adam P.'s picture


Is the discount for SubD and Vertex tools no longer valid?

Kind Regards


ThomThom's picture

Hi Adam, the 50% discount for the SUbD v2 released ended last weekend I'm afraid.

(However, if you purchase VT first, then you can get 30% discount on SUbD)

mohamed a's picture

today is 11 march and the 50% discount is not valid, why?

ThomThom's picture

Whoops! Looks the discount system didn't include the end date. I bumped it by another day, try again now.

mohamed a's picture

i tried now. the discount is working but the checkout button is not working.

ThomThom's picture

Can you elaborate on what is not working?
(Can you submit a ticket via the Help page please?

mohamed a's picture

I tried agian and now the checkout button directed me to paypal and i made the purchase for subd and vertex tools, thanks thomthom for making this work for today.

medeixo's picture

great work , thank you alot

medeixo's picture

great work , thank you alot

Thank you for your unique works... Best wishes for life...

thanks, master!!!!!!

:) thom2 ..thanx thanx a lot

Benito M.'s picture

Pls, thomthom I real need the subD but da something wen converting to naira is a lot of money pls can draw down da price for me so DAT I can afford to buy it ....pls need u respons (I am a Nigerian).....thanks.

Marian R's picture

I can't seem to activate my license. In the 102 version the activate button always appeared grayed out and after the update to 103 I can't even reach the window to input the code because the license buttons is not functional.

ThomThom's picture

Hi Marian

Can you file an issue via this form?

It's easier to follow up there - and these comments doesn't get checked every day.

When you fill out that support form - please include what OS you are using. I'm guessing you are using Windows? Perhaps an older IE version?

Marian R's picture

Yeah windows 7, and IE was indeed old as I never used it. I've just updated it. I'll restart the pc and see if it's fixed, otherwise i'll file the issue on the website. Thanks for answering.

Mr J.'s picture

I'm JAMAL, from Benghazi-Libya, I hope you all the best, thank you

agus's picture

very good

Rocky H.'s picture

I am new to the file layout and want to make sure ik where im puting it and not messing up my sketch up so what file do i put plugins
k i just found out it installs it automaticly so nvm

ThomThom's picture

No need to manually install the files, use Extension Warehouse (from the Windows menu) to install directly from within SketchUp.

Alternatively, if you instead download the RBZ, use Window > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension

See the SketchUp help article for information about installing extensions in general:

The SUbD download page also illustrate with a GIF how to install the RBZ:

Raphael A's picture

hello i have bought a license of SUBD last week cause my trial license was expired i received the activation code but when i confirm he said the server is too long to responding ... since 4 or 5 days someone can help me ?

ThomThom's picture

Have you checked if the firewall is blocking SketchUp?

Raphael A's picture

thanks for quick response ! i work in an office i ask to the ID manager and we have check ... the firewall is desactivated .... my Order ID is 0009061772 if that can help .

thank you !

ThomThom's picture

I'm afraid I'm travelling until Friday, with hardly any internet connection. I'm unable to debug until I get home.

If you open the Ruby Console, do you see any messages?
Also, what SU version? And what OS?

Raphael A's picture

ok no problem TT, i can wait .

this evening i tried to activate subd at home, if i have the same prob ... i tell u ...

i work on skp 2016 on win 7 -AND- skp 2016..WIN10 at home (bad idea)

and the ruby is empty

ThomThom's picture

Hi there Raphael. It appear to have been an issue with the server. It should now be resolved. Can you try again please?

If the issue persist, please open a support ticket:

Lisanne L.'s picture

You put the "awe" in "awesome". I read about this tool in the SketchUpdate Newsletter, and although I haven't tried it yet, I know that you have made a lot of people very happy with this extension. Bravo!

ThomThom's picture

Ah! That explains the recent traffic! :D

Fred B's picture

Wow.....Great job. It would take a hour to draw what this does in seconds.

davi's picture

wow it's insane to what level you can subdivide your models with that! I've compared this to the other free subdivide and smooth plugin and this is far better and comes closer to the subdivide functions in 3DS max and Blender!

TheCarDesigner's picture

I got an idea(gotta check it though):

SubD to the maximum
Explode the subdivided group
Re-group the mesh
SubD again

Am I evil? :D

ThomThom's picture

Haha! That is a wicked cruel way to make your CPUs go nuclear :D

After subdividing a cube at max (level 4) you end up in 1536 new quads (3072 triangles).

From there on you get 1536 > 6144 > 24576 > 98304 > 393216 quads incrementally.

TheCarDesigner's picture

Well... I finally did it! :D Still waiting for the final step but over all it must've taken roughly 5-6min for 8 levels of subd.