Solid Inspector²
Inspect and repair solids in SketchUp
Solid Inspector²

Select a group or component and activate the tool for an analysis of what would prevent it from being a solid manifold.

Alternativly, just open the group or component and activate the tool. Saves you from jumping in and out of the object while editing.


The analysis of the objects might be slow if you have very large and complex models.


Note that this extension require SketchUp 2014 or newer. If you have an older version of SketchUp, refer to the old Solid Inspector.


  • Click on an group or component to analyse it for holes.
  • Use Tab (Shift+Tab) to cycle through and zoom to the errors.
  • Click on the Fix or Fix All buttons in the dialog that appear.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Solid Inspector²
  • Toolbars » Solid Inspector²


  • SketchUp 2014 or newer. For older SketchUp versions, use version 1.

Related Links

  • BitBucket Repository

Need Help?

Please post back in the SketchUp forums in this thread:

State your SketchUp version, OS, and any error messages you might be faced with. Sample models and screenshots also helps greatly to resolve problems.


I'd be happy if you donate a cookie (or a beer) if you find my plugins useful.


I am grateful.

Let me tell all what else it helps with 'spot on', apart from modelling for 3d printing: 'Energy Modelling'. Those softwares only accept flawless solids to recognise them as solids to run sims. Detail CFD analysis of an entire airport or business district just NEEDS this piece of code.

Really, the best plugin in my life is free, just as they say...

This is my new favorite Extension. I had a building pad intersecting with a highly complex terrain model that was giving me fits. Solid Inspector2 was the answer to my prayers. Next time you're in Austin, the beer's on me!

It would be awesome if there was a checkbox that allowed you to choose exactly what you wanted the tool to check for, that way you can leave off the things you don't want which would make it much easier to find the problems that you are concerned about. Right clicking only allows me to select short edges, the others don't do anything when I click on them. At least a checkbox would tell you for sure what the tool is actually doing.

ThomThom's picture

Can you elaborate on what specific checks you want to disable, and why you want to disable them?
Right now the inspector perform a set of checks to verify the mesh is a solid. The only exceptions which are optional are small edges because they don't really relate to the manifold check, but where added in because they often caused problems for people.

Brian B.'s picture

Installed and worked like a charm in Make '16 under Windows 10.

Very many thanks.

thank's lot for your job

Hi there, just wanted you to know that this latest update broke things pretty significantly in the following ways:

1. Unable to completely install (even with the added libraries).

2. SketchUp warns that it needs updating but the extension shows that it's updated within the Extension Manager

3. Can't get the Solid Inspector window to open when I choose "Solid Inspector" from within the Tools menu.

4. SketchUp hangs on quit now.

So something fairly big just happened. It worked fine before.

ThomThom's picture

Hi Jason

I don't have any suggestions right off the bat - it's not an issue I've heard described before. This last version has been out for nearly 4 months now. Sounds like this is local to your machine.

In order to figure out what's going on it would be good if you could start a thread in the forums:

There it's easier to share files/screenshots etc. Please include the information in this post along with what version of SketchUp you are using and what OS you are using. Also include any error message if you see any. It's also be good to elaborate on what is happening when you say "Unable to completely install".

Btw, when you say "even with the added libraries" - do you mean TT_Lib? That is no longer needed for version 2.

It sounds like you get the Solid Inspector menu under Tools, but that nothing happens when you click it. Can you open the Ruby Console before trying that? See if you get any error message appearing.

Also, are you using Solid Inspector version 1 or version 2?

(Please add response in the forum thread.)

Karl-Johan S's picture

Thank you
you are a hero and a genius!

/ KJ

It i working - excelent job ThomThom!

reynaldo V.'s picture


chan J.'s picture

I really really love you, man!!!

Thank you very much!!

This is the tool I was expecting to have in Sketchup. Thank You!!!


Thank you very much

AMAZING EXTENSION! Thank you Thom. I am using it a lot and it is amazingly useful. Well done!

Спасибо большое. Действительно полезная штука!)

Tanner N's picture

My model is "nice and shiny" but shows no volume in the entity info. I would like to be able to use the solid tools instead of the old school manual intersection followed by an hour of manual deletion.

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Solid Inspector 2 is aimed at checking whether it's a manifold that can work with 3d printing. The manifold check is a bit more elaborate than SU's own check - hence not always in sync.

If you want to check for manifold according to how SU checks (each edge have two faces) then get version 1 of Solid Inspector.

Roronoa Angleo's picture

Hey dude can you make a new extension that places all the extensions i downloded into one tab or a list.... if possible

ThomThom's picture

Not sure I understand what you are looking for. Into a tab? Where?
List all extensions - how would this be different from what the Extension Manager dialog do?

Does this do the same sort of repair work that Cleanup3 does? Just wondering if I need both or just one...

ThomThom's picture

They serve very different purposes. Solid Inspector only checks whether the mesh is a manifold - and only makes repairs towards that goal.

CleanUp is a general purpose optimisation tool for models, trying to remove redundant geometry.

About to chuck computer out the window - you saved its life - thanks!!

Very, very useful for 3D printing models. However, on trying to install in Sketchup 2017 (in secure mode) it complained that the "signature is out of date".

I need some help. I have a model that SU says is not a solid, but the Solid Inspector tells me everything is "nice and shiny". I cant figure out what the problem is.

ThomThom's picture

SU perform a different check, that all edges are connected to two faces. There are some edge cases though, for instance, if you take a cube, split one of it's faces into four parts, then pull-pull the upper left and lower bottom face. You then end up with a mesh that 3d printers will accept as solids, but one of the edges will have four faces connected.

If you want more help on your particular model I'd recommend you make a post in the SketchUp forums where you post the model or some images of it for inspection.


Great tools thanks. I need to delete all non-solid components from my model. Will your tool allo me to do this?



ThomThom's picture

Hi Stuart

I'm afraid it doesn't have such functionality.

Can you file a feature request along with a sample model in the issue tracker?

Most trusted name in SketchUp extensions! :)

Zack J.'s picture

Thanks ThomThom

Ypur welcome

Dave W.'s picture

Can we have the option to bring back the circles? Sometimes the surface boarders are so small, a red highlight isn't enough. I either spend so much time looking for them or I can't find them at all.

ThomThom's picture

It's possible to install version 1 side by side with version 2.

pitti s's picture

Why there is no install button ?

ThomThom's picture

Looks like the site is having some problems at the moment. I reported it.

Joshua W.'s picture

Most of the time Solid Inspector 2 works flawlessly for me. This time though, i have a rather intricate model. I have a model with 8 nested instances. Each of the other nested instances are grouped seperately and entity info shows them as a solid group(they are currently hidden). The main body is also grouped and Solid Inspector 2 shows "No Errors Everything is shiny" however the group is not solid and has no volume. I need it to be a solid so I can intersect all the groups with the main body.

ThomThom's picture

Can you share the model in a post on the SketchUp forums? Then it's easier to follow up.

Joshua W.'s picture

I cant share the model, sorry but i did eventually get the issues figured out. Unfortunately it meant interecting all the groups into the main body, then manually erasing all the parts "inside" the model. Then i had to redraw many sections. In the end i was able to get it "shiny" so thankyou for that. I can tell you this about the model. Its a 9" version of 23 feet long aircraft and it printed as a solid 1 piece.
One side question. Lately ive been seeing this blurb in Solid Inspector about many short edges? How can i stop seeing this? Why does this matter to 3d printing? It seems it doesnt matter and printer prints it just fine regardless of the edges in question.

ThomThom's picture

The warning about short edges is due to SketchUp's internal precision - which is 1/1000". Any two point closer than that will be treated as identical. SI will warn you if your model have edges close to this as you might run into issues with SU - missing edges/faces etc.

Andre B.'s picture

Your plugins is very useful, but how to disable it (short edges)?

ThomThom's picture

Activate Solid Inspector, Right click in the viewport, the context menu let you toggle short edges inspection.

Aaah, this is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you so much (for both the extension and the way to toggle short edges). Most of my models are for 3D printing, and I don't tend to care about short edges, (as the slicer ust kind of glosses over them), and when you have a lot (which can happen in an imported stl file), it realy really slows SI2 down.

Thank you again!

Daniel G's picture

Thank you very much!

Andre B.'s picture

Hooray! Performance!
Thank you very much.

Christopher H's picture

Hi ThomThom,

I can't install your mod; I get the following error message.


An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 500
Debugging information follows.
Path: /en/system/ajax
StatusText: Internal Server Error
500 Internal Server Error
500 Internal Server Error

Please help, I would really like to use your mod

ThomThom's picture

Errors from the Extension Warehouse is out of my control. I've forwarded it to the SketchUp team.

By the way, did you get this error when using Extension Warehouse from the browser or from within SketchUp?

Download seemed to work when I tried just now.

Christopher H's picture


Error on clicking 'install' within SketchUp, same error when clicking 'download' on browser.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Looks like I'll just have to wait and see.

I've tried both to no avail! Having the same issue on a few of your extensions. They look phenomenal and I can't wait to try them!

lindsay a's picture

It's not just his extensions. the warehouse is having issues. contact google...

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